Bresciani announcing the decision

Architecture Alum Leaves $3.6M Endowment to NDSU

Bresciani announcing the decision
NDSU Pres. Dean Bresciani announced NDSU alumnus
Jim Falck’s millions of dollars in donations Friday at a press conference.

A deceased North Dakota State architecture alum’s legacy lives on in a recent endowment to NDSU.

Jim Falck was a Department of Architecture student from 1948 to 1953. He died in 2013 at 84.

On Friday his endowment and artworks to NDSU, totaling $3.6 million, were announced in a press conference. NDSU officials paid tribute to his “long, successful career as an architect and landscape architect.”

Falck’s endowment will go toward scholarships for students, funding the arts program, faculty development and funding international programs that will help relieve some of the department’s stress.

Morgan Larson, a junior majoring in architecture, said she “has not heard anything despite working for the department” about the endowment.

Larson said that the downtown Fargo’s Renaissance Hall has had quite a lot of technology updates with more 3-D printers, Laser-cut technology and the addition of computers.

After his graduation in 1953, Falck continued his education and studied throughout the United States, moving from Denver, Houston, Flagstaff and Phoenix before he finally returned to Denver for his architectural practice.

At age 62, Falck earned a visual art degree in 1991 from Montserrat College, which led to his second career as a painter.

“His work has been exhibited in major cities throughout the US,” university officials said.

Falck’s endowment “helped the program push forward,” Larson said.

She also said that the program is set up differently than other schools because students are allowed to use facilities as much as they want without being charged per use, for they have on overhead charge initially.

Friday’s announcement coincided with an art exhibit of Falck’s modernist work. President Dean Bresciani, Falck’s niece Mary Anne Swiontek and her husband Steve, chair of NDSU’s Development Foundation, spoke at the event in the Memorial Union Gallery.

Kent Sandstrom, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Scienes, was also in attendance, as were Meghan Kirkwood, assistant professor of visual arts, and junior art major Carolyn Hausladen, a Jim Falck Scholarship recipient.

Falck established the endowment because art scholarships are common to come by and to give “future artists the financial support to pursue their dreams,” the university said.

The accompanying art exhibition will run through Nov. 18.

The show contains some designated pieces for NDSU’s permanent collection and a limited number for sale.

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