April Showers Bring … Homework

Spring is here and student procrastination is in full swing.

Living in Fargo has made us all prone to the cold, so as soon as temperatures hit the 50s it’s beer darts, roller blades and T-shirts for the win.

We can’t help ourselves. The sun is a college student’s kryptonite. Nothing beats feeling the rays soak into your skin and the weight of sunglasses resting on the bridge of your nose.

So why is it professors decide now is the time to assign a five-page paper and two exams within a two-week span. You know we aren’t focusing on school at this point. Hell, I would guess you aren’t all too focused on class lessons either. We can’t help it. The sunshiny weather is too intoxicating.

It seems as though the end of spring semester is a time to make up all of the points you could have given us throughout the semester but just didn’t work into the lesson plan.

Spring break does not help the issue at all. We all think the short break will leave us refreshed and ready to begin learning again but it does the exact opposite. We don’t want to restart classes only to have another break a couple weeks later.

With finals right around the corner, why is it you feel the need to pile on the extra work? Why do those three points require a three-page paper with an annotated bibliography? We already had midterms, what is this? Three-quarters term? Are you hoping we will fail so you can see our resentful face again next semester? Do you want a good review? All the extra work will not get you five stars on rate my professor. When will we receive that review sheet that you are supposed to leave the room for? Trust me, it’s not going to be pretty.

I understand that you are paid (by us) to teach us, but is the excessive spring homework necessary?

Because I can assure you, as the temperatures climb higher morale is at an all-time low.


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