Apology Regarding Plagiarism in “Judicial Shortage in North Dakota”

Mr. Dura,
I would like to formally apologize for my actions regarding the “Judicial Shortage in North Dakota” article. I understand the severity of this situation and I am fully prepared to accept the consequences of my actions.
When I was writing this article I was using your article as a reference. I was extremely stressed due to exams and other outside factors. As a result, I absent-mindedly plagiarized from a piece that you worked hard on. It was never my intention to take credit for work that is not my own.
I unintentionally took your work without giving you credit and nothing that I can say would justify what I did. I fully understand that unintentional plagiarism is plagiarism all the same. I am sincerely sorry for taking your work without giving you credit, as I am sorry to the readers of the Spectrum for leading them to believe that the work was my own. I also apologize for negatively affecting the reputation of the Spectrum.
Again, what I did was wrong. I took your hard work and claimed it as my own. I take full responsibility. I hope that you, the readers of the Spectrum and my fellow staff will forgive me for this grave mistake and wrong doing.
Dan Ukkelberg
Editor’s note: Dan Ukkelberg’s article “Judicial Shortage in North Dakota,” published March 8, plagiarized from Jack Dura’s article “Order in the court: Judges balance judicial shortage amid rising caseload,” published March 3 in the Bismarck Tribune. The Spectrum does not condone plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense and appropriate measures are being taken by The Spectrum to ensure this does not happen again.

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