Anticipated Releases for Record Store Day 2018

This year, Record Store Day falls on April 21.

Record Store Day is not just about vinyl records, it’s about exclusive tracks, albums and sessions being released or rereleased on the national holiday in limited quantities at your local record stores. With such a long list of RSD firsts and exclusives, there are some that stand out more than others and have collectors like myself itching to get their hands on.

Arcade Fire EP

Way back in 2003, indie gods Arcade Fire released their self-titled EP. For the first time ever the EP will be made into a vinyl record. This exclusive release features a raw recording of “No Cars Go” featured on their 2007 album “Neon Bible”.

David Bowie

Three records will be released in David Bowie’s honor for Record Store Day this year. First is Bowie’s “Welcome To The Blackout” recorded live in London in 1978 in an LP set. Second, a full length demo as well as a live version on the B-side of his hit “Let’s Dance” on a 12-inch vinyl.

Last, but certainly not least, will be “Bowie Now”. “Bowie Now” was a promotional LP released for the U.S. only back in 1977 and will have its first commercial release this year.


My personal favorite this holiday season is a raw edition of Prince’s “1999”, which will be pressed into LP-format.

In an articled published by Suraj Prabhu, the story goes that Warner Bros. deleted half of Prince’s album, “1999”, and issued it as a single disc after assuming audiences couldn’t handle such an “intense dose of funk.” They were wrong in their assumption.

After his success with “Purple Rain”, the edited version of “1999” was put back onto the market. Now, we can relish in his success the good ol’ fashion way.

Trampled by Turtles

Local boys Trampled by Turtles, originating in Duluth, Minnesota, will be releasing a special 7-inch vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day. The record will feature their version of Tom Petty’s classic “Wildflowers” as well as a track from their upcoming record “Life Is Good On the Open Road”, which is to be released May 4.

Led Zeppelin

The band announced that they will be releasing a rare 7-inch vinyl. This rare release features two previously unreleased recordings, “Rock and Roll” and “Friends”.

The Rolling Stones

Of course the best band of all time is being included in the Record Store Day lineup.

Featuring the band’s first dip in the pool of psychedelia, “Their Satanic Majesties Request” will be released as a limited edition color-splattered vinyl. Highlights of the record are “She’s A Rainbow”, “2000 Light Years From Home” and “In Another Land”.

Local record stores, Orange Records and Vinyl Giant Records will be participating in Record Store Day this year.

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