‘Annie’ is coming to NDSU

The theater department will be ending the school year on a high note

‘NDSU Theater Arts’ | Photo Courtesy
Performances will run from Friday, April 30th through Sunday, May 9th.

For those wishing to (virtually) attend one last hoorah of an NDSU event, look no further than the grand production of “Annie” from the NDSU Theater Arts Department.

The theater arts crew has been hard at work preparing to go out with a bang for the school year, as countless hours have been put towards a whole-hearted performance all around. While most are familiar with the story of “Annie,” few have seen the tale performed with the local touch and heart of the department.

For those that are unaware of Annie’s tale, the show focuses on orphan Annie, who escapes an orphanage run by Miss Hannigan to live her life and fulfill her dreams the way she wants to. The iconic show will be brought to life by local stars as they perform soulful renditions of classics such as “Tomorrow,” among others.

The cast and crew faced a relatively challenging task when faced with putting on a successful run of shows. Compared to the character Annie’s story, assembling production of this nature during a pandemic can be much more daunting.

According to Ryan Scobie, the most challenging aspect of creating a top-tier performance was the creation of a safe and effective environment during COVID-19. Actors and actresses had to follow safe, socially distanced guidelines, as well as having to be 15-20 feet away from each other when singing.

While it was a tremendous challenge, it was taken by the department as if it were any other problem to solve, as the show must always go on. As with most businesses and lines of entertainment, the Fine Arts have been hit tremendously during the pandemic.

The department has put in an effort beyond imagination to ensure this show’s success, and it can only be seen to be both supported and believed. The resilience of this cast and crew only proves further that the sun will come out tomorrow for all of us.

Tickets for adults, seniors and children are $5, or free when an NDSU Student ID is presented. Performances of “Annie” will take place April 30 through May 9 at 7:30 pm at 2:00 pm or 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at ndsu.showare.com.

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