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An Open Letter to The Person Who Feels Like They’re Drowning

Dear Reader,

First of all, I need you to understand that you are not alone. Yes, you probably have been told that before, and yes, you have probably ignored the person telling you because they aren’t experiencing what you are. It’s hard to talk about something so personal, I understand that.

So second of all, I want to let you in on a little secret: It’s going to be OK, I promise.

Throughout our lives mental illness has always been looked at in a different light than that of physical illness. And although you may not have been diagnosed with depression, you could still have it, and depression is just as serious as any physical illness.

You shouldn’t need a doctor’s diagnosis to tell you that how you are feeling, is actually how you are feeling.

No, depression may not be as urgent as a bullet wound to the chest, but sometimes, it damn well can feel the same. No, maybe you don’t have broken legs or muscles that aren’t working correctly, but sometimes, it’s just as hard to get out of bed, even with fully functioning limbs. No, you don’t have lungs full of liquid, but sometimes, it sure as hell feels that way.

Depression is serious. It should be treated as such. You shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of something you can’t help feeling. It is a chemical imbalance that causes indefinite sadness out of the blue, loss of interest in things you once loved and sometimes will even cause you to feel nothing at all.

A strange emptiness that echoes throughout your day. I need you to know, that it is OK to feel these things, but it is also much better to receive help you may need.

Doctors, therapists or even family and friends can help you through this hard time. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for it.

I know it’s hard. You’ve probably been shot down more than once. You’ve probably been told that you are just a little extra sad and you’ll get over it soon enough, or been told to stop acting like such a child. For that I tell you, they don’t deserve your time.

Find someone who will listen and try to help you. Being stuck in that bottomless pit that you feel like you are in is not the end for you. You can get help just don’t give up on yourself.

Somebody once said depression “is like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing.” So now I’m telling you, find your way to breathe. Find your healthy way out. May it be talking to someone or seeing a professional or simply keeping a journal, find your way to breathe. I know you can.

After all, I found mine.

Ever so sincerely,


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