Alpha Phi Omega to Start Again After Years Off

Alpha Phi Omega is in the process of rebooting their NDSU chapter in order to make the organization ac­tive once again.

The co-ed fraternity organization, which is fo­cused on service is looking to make a bigger effort for recruitment and publicity, Alpha Phi Omega vice pres­ident of membership Chris McEwen said.

The chapter currently has more than 400,000 members across 375 campuses in the United States. However, the NDSU chapter was down to a slim number of members. In fact, Alpha Phi Omega President Steve Schalau said he was the only one looking at putting any work into the chapter until this year.

“We had a bit of a lapse in membership, but now we’ve got a drive to recruit again,” Schalau said. “So we’ve been stepping up our game, bringing in new members so we can get back on the playing field.”

The fraternity seems to be on the track for a new life. Even though Schalau was interested in recruit­ment, he said it would have been too much work on his own.

However, that changed when McEwen joined. The idea to give Alpha Phi Omega a bigger push came last fall, and since then they have been making plans for various events.

Though this isn’t exactly a comeback. The NDSU chapter was only on a hiatus, and never was technically inactive. But now Schalau and McEwen are leading the charge towards bringing it back to relevancy.

“Between the two of us, we’ve had enough man­power to really get around to recruiting new members,” Schalau said.

Though Schalau has been involved with the chapter since 2011, McEw­en hadn’t been a part of the chapter since he was an un­dergraduate student before 2010. Even though member­ship has been sparse over the past couple years, McEwen said he feels good about the possibilities of recruitment this year.

“We’re hoping to restart a chapter at NDSU which has existed for some time, but hasn’t really been ac­tive for a year and a half,” McEwan said. “We’re trying to give this all a fresh start where we give this a whole new member base that can really take charge.”

The Alpha Phi Omega chapter at NDSU still has some struggles to deal with.

Because they are a co-ed fraternity, they won’t have a house like many Greek fraternities at NDSU. This means they will need to look to fellow fraternity houses or NDSU facilities for initial meetings.

For starters, Alpha Phi Omega will have an infor­mation table set up from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday in the Memorial Union. They will also hold a meeting sometime within the week to try and bring in members.

Schalau, a senior study­ing landscape architecture, said the main focus for them right now is simply getting the chapter up and on its feet. He said he wants to see the chapter go on long after he graduates.

“I want to use this as a fresh start to get Alpha Phi Omega up and run­ning again,” Schalau said. “I’ve been looking at doing that the last couple years. Hopefully by the time that I end up leaving, there will be enough members who will continue to show inter­est and keep the fraternity running at NDSU after I’m done.”

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