Album of the Month: October

Tory Lanez with the traditional rapper look.

Another album of the month here. There was a lot of music dropped this month, so I evaluated my decision carefully. After careful consideration, I have chosen “LoVE me NOw” by Tory Lanez. I’ll give notable mentions at the end, so don’t freak out.

On a serious note, this album is excellent. It’s currently the No. 1 album on the Top Charts album list on Apple Music. It was released very recently on Oct. 26, but I only needed a few days to realize this was the best album of October. Lanez is known for his unique rap style that involves high vocal singing. I think these two traits mix well with rap beats to make some really good songs. Lanez pours his heart out to girls, pretty much begging them to sleep with him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I guess. 

There are a couple songs on that album I would give a listen. I like the song “Cut Me Off” featuring Nav. It’s not a very long song, but it’s a great song in which Lanez expresses his feelings through vocals. Another really solid one is “Talk To Me.” This song was released prior to the album. The chorus gets stuck into your head, but for good reason. This song fits into the category of why his singing mixed with good rap beats can produce really enjoyable music. One more song I would recommend is “Duck My Ex.” At first, I thought Lanez was trying to interpret an autocorrect, meaning he was trying to say “f— my ex.” However, it turns out he literally wants to “duck” his ex. It’s a great song that everyone with an ex-partner should listen to. It might get your hopes up a little bit.

There were many good albums dropped this month, as I mentioned before. One being Khalid’s “Suncity.” I’m not a huge Khalid fan, but I know a lot of people are, so this is necessary. Future and Juice WRLD’s mixtape “WRLD ON DRUGS” is a fun album to listen to. I am a huge Juice WRLD fan, so just a slight bias here. If you want some party music, listen to MadeinTYO’s “Sincerely, Tokyo.” MadeinTYO is an underrated rapper who makes some really good pump up music.

Lanez’s album still wins this one. I am becoming more and more of a Tory Lanez fan as he releases more music. If you’re looking for new music to listen to (everyone always is), listen to “LoVE me NOw” and these notable mentions.

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