Album of the Month: April

Lizzo performs at Palace Theater in St. Paul, MN in 2018

On April 19, Lizzo dropped her third album, “Cuz I Love You.” The album is Lizzo’s love letter to her body, herself and her listeners. The album should appeal to women of varying shapes and sizes and individuals of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Mixing soul, pop and rap, it’s difficult to pinpoint what genre would accurately encompass this album. While some songs, at times, were a little too close to throwaway pop, Lizzo’s message brings the listener right back.

It’s rare to find an album that’s as fun to listen to as it is politically engaging. Sidestepping any name-calling, Lizzo covers the beauty of diverse relationships (“Better in Color”), vulnerability (“Crybaby”) and embracing sensuality (“Lingerie”).

The album offers a variety of musical genres, from the more soulful tracks, “Cuz I Love You” and “Jerome,” to some pops hits that would put even the catchiest Target commercial song to shame.

Lizzo herself is the oddball hero we never knew we needed, but we certainly don’t deserve.

In an interview with V Magazine, Lizzo discussed her childhood, describing how she was never expected to be in the spotlight, “So I was nerdy, but also chubby and sweaty. I liked anime and comics.”

As a plus-size, African American and Native American woman, Lizzo has achieved fame despite those who have doubted her success. Plus, as she added, “Now being a nerd is hot.”

Some songs on the album sometimes seem almost comical in their lyrical and rhyming schemes; see “Heaven” and the lyric, “You got me dickmatized.” At other times, the line between a good song and a workout jam can be difficult to distinguish in the album. However, despite these, the album attempts to capture several different genres in a way that connects with a variety of listeners, which is no easy feat.

If nothing else, just give “Tempo” a listen. Not only is it the perfect summer bop, but it features Missy Elliot in a perrrrfect collaboration.

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