‘Age of Rebellion’ update released for ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’

EA-DICE released new DLC Feb. 26

EA-DICE | Photo Courtesy
Ewok Hunters were added to the Rebellion in the ‘Age of Rebellion’ update.

The next big update for “Star Wars Battlefront 2” by EA-DICE is here and takes us back to the fun old-fashioned Galactic Civil War that the “Star Wars” franchise started in.

This free DLC is the “Age of Rebellion” update which came out last week on Feb 26. This update has been requested by quite a few Battlefront players and now it has officially arrived.

There are new original trilogy maps, ships, weapons, troop types and much more in the form of gameplay and balance changes. DICE plans to focus heavily on this new update and will provide more patches and content for it in the future.

New troops

With “Age of Rebellion,” two new units were added to the Rebellion and the Empire to assist in the battles to come.

First, is the Rebellion’s Ewok Hunter who wields the formidable bow and spear as his primary weapons. The Ewok will not show up on enemy radar when the bow is used because of its stealthy nature.

To finalize the Ewok Hunter’s equipment, he has a Valiant Horn which increases the resistance and damage he can take. He even comes equipped with a sack of Wisties (tiny species of living flame, allied with the Ewoks) to throw at unaware enemies.

Second is the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Agent. She is notable because she is the first troop type in the Empire faction to dual wield weapons. She is skilled in gathering intelligence and providing close combat support. She also has abilities that allow her to get in and out of combat quickly.

Classic Star Wars locations for cooperative play

These include Jabba’s Palace, the Kessel Run, Endor and the Death Star II. There is also a line of new capital ship maps for co-op which include the Republic’s Venator-class Star Destroyer, Dreadnaught, MC85 Star Cruiser and the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer.

New updates for gameplay and characters

As previously mentioned, there are tons of new minor quality of life updates that came with the “Age of Rebellion” update with more planned for the future. Apparently, Leia will be given special attention by the “Battlefront 2” development team.

Many current “Battlefront 2” characters will be getting ability enhancements, battle card tweaks and blaster adjustments. Each troop type will also be getting a new blaster compatible across the different eras of Star Wars.

One of the notable improvements that are not explicitly shown is an increase in HUD (Heads Up Display) customizability. This will let players adjust where their displays for health, radar, squadmates and more will show up on the screen.

For a complete breakdown of the new update and what it has done to improve “Star Wars Battlefront 2” visit the Electronic Arts forum page about the Age of Rebellion update.

“Star Wars Battlefront 2” and the development team behind it have continued to improve and enhance the gameplay ever since Battlefront 2’s rocky start in November of 2017.

Once again, another large update has reinvigorated the game and should give players quite a bit to do until the next big one.

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