‘Afrique’ educates students of different cultures

Black Collegiate Women spread awareness of African culture

On Feb. 23, the North Dakota State student organization Black Collegiate Women hosted “Afrique,” an event that educated students about cultures other than their own.

The night was full of unique performances from a variety of performers, ranging from poets to rappers to ballet dancers. Many speakers and musicians spoke messages of unity, the many struggles of being black in America and the importance of love.

The Concordia State Dance Team, MSUM Dance Team and NDSU Hip Hop Dance Team came out to show their moves. At the end of the NDSU Hip Hop Dance Team’s performance, they held up signs that read “Strength in Diversity.” Members of the NDSU Somali Student Association also performed a beautiful dance at the event.

At the end of the event, a fashion show was presented by the NDSU Black Collegiate Women and Black Student Association, which showcased fashion inspired by different African countries and cultures.

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