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Adapting to One’s Environment

All too many experts will say how journalism is a dying profession, and it sure seems like they aren’t far from the truth.

There are various sta­tistics to back up the re­searchers, including the steep decline in traditional-media news consumers.

But one shouldn’t look much further than how the newspaper business has done in the past 10 years. Various big-time posi­tions are getting laid off all across the coun­try, leaving top-notch journalists and re­porters, who once raked in extremely large salaries, looking for jobs.

And don’t forget about the Chicago Sun Times. They laid off their entire photogra­phy staff, which not only left them without income, but also forced reporters into work­ing twice as much to continue their produc­tion.

If this trend continues, it would be ab­solutely preposterous for any young college student to pursue a career in journalism. Starting-level income is much too low to support a family, not to mention how hard it is to move up to better jobs because of how many other reporters and editors compete for those jobs.

However, with the evolution of online information, I am certain journalism is the only profession that will never die out. This is largely due to one simple need in the hu­man psyche – the need for information.

Some day, there will be a single pill that will substitute for daily diets, leaving tons of culinary professionals scrambling. Tech­nology will make it possible to instantly transport anywhere, making the automobile, airplane and other modes of transportation obsolete.

During all this journalists will still be making a living reporting to their readers in the depths of the Internet.

Most newspapers today don’t make their money off of selling printed newspapers; they make it off of advertising for other businesses. And this business can just as easily be done on the Internet as on paper.

Even if newspapers and news businesses charged money for viewers to go on their websites, I still believe people will be so hungry for new information they will need to buy these reports.

Journalism today is far from becoming extinct; it is simply evolving.

No matter what, people are going to want to read about what kind of shenanigans Jus­tin Bieber and other outstanding idiots are up to. Just as well, average citizens will be on the lookout for how their favorite sports team is sitting its conference.

The only reliable source people can find out these things from is a professional jour­nalist.

A major obstacle standing in the way of reporters making money off of their work are people called “citizen journalists,” or people who rely on information based off of other journalists’ works. Citizen journalists are the ones who post their own blogs with quotes from bigger news stations such as Fox News or CNN without having talked to any source personally.

However, if the professional journalist were to become a dead breed, where would these couch reporters get their information?

If it weren’t for journalists and other communication professions, the average person would know little to nothing about the vast world, which is only becoming larger with the expansion of the Internet and other technologies.

And as long as people want to know what is going on in their world – and they always will – journalists will be here to stay.


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