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Achy Breaky Ears

If you thought the name “Cyrus” was going to be out of the public eye soon, you were wrong. Former country star and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus-father of Miley Cyrus-has been making waves on the Internet since the de­but of his new song.

“Achy Breaky 2″ was released on Feb. 11, 2014, and since then the official music video has received almost 7 million views. “Achy Breaky 2″ was recorded by rapper artist Buck22 and has Cyrus as the featured artist.

The video has achieved its level of suc­cess for both its comically ridiculous aspect and its controversial nature. Not so much finding merit for its musical quality and po­etic lyricism. The song features a few ref­erences to Billy Ray’s daughter, Miley, and her “twerking”-an aggressive lower body bouncing that Miley popularized. Also once before the chorus, Billy Ray shouts “wreck­ing ball!”

“Wrecking Ball” refers to the song Mi­ley Cyrus recorded back in September 2013. The video was also considered fairly con­troversial as it featured 20-year-old Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball nude-though no nudity was actually displayed.

“Achy Breaky 2″ draws its controversial nature from its content that would be con­sidered graphic for a young audience. The video features Buck22 and Billy Ray Cyrus on a spaceship after being abducted by very scantily clad alien women.

Buck22 and Cyrus perform their song among a group of these women, whom are nearly nude and performing Miley’s infa­mous “twerk.” It becomes quickly appar­ent to the audience that the video was not produced for the betterment of the musical industry.

Instead, “Achy Breaky 2″ takes on a guise of retaliation from Billy Ray to his daughter. For the last several months, Mi­ley Cyrus has ditched her notable “Hannah Montana” image and has embraced the im­age of the rebellious teen.

Her behavior and actions have been a hot topic on social media and have kept her in the spotlight even after her famous Disney alter ego was dead.

I am sure that Billy Ray Cyrus is having a difficult time handling the seemingly sud­den shift his daughter’s behavior took, but this sort of display is not one that is justified. The music video is a lewd display where women are objectified for the sake of You­Tube views.

The references injected in the song are tasteless and, quite honesty, uncalled for. I understand that Miley probably broke Bil­ly’s achy breaky heart, but that does mean he needs to break our ears.

Caleb is a sophomore majoring in Eng­lish.


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