Fargo Fashion | Accessorizing for Spring

We’ve all seen “The Devil Wears Prada.” Okay, so maybe only a few of us have obsessively fan-girled over Miranda Priestly’s hair and Andrea’s style-evolution through the film.

However, I think what made the film so relatable to any person in fashion is the desire to be innovative, creative and fearless.

With summer practically knocking on the back door, we can begin to accessorize again. Woolen hats, scarves and mittens are just not as chic as Vogue or ELLE seem to make them out to be.


Finally, my face can don a pair of sunglasses without expecting to snowboard a slippery slope or prevent icy wind from cutting my face. With this season’s looks, it is simply exciting to know a few looks hitting the racks and runways are boho chic, androgynous and maybe even a little lacquer fun.

Start with a basic pair, one you know will always match your style. Look for a pair that is cheap enough to be affordable but high enough quality so they won’t bend in half. Surprisingly, Forever 21 aviators are my kryptonite.

I found a few pairs this month in the $5 to $20 range. For instance, my Forever 21 indestructible aviators were $5.80. They look great, they’re unisex and are timeless.

My personal favorites for this season, though, are my black lacquer shades from Gap. I spent a whopping $15 on these bad boys and won’t look back.

Lastly, boho chic is dominating the closets of many girls once again and for good reason. Hippie chic is easy to pull off in the spring and summer, so bring on the lackadaisical looks. Any shade with a rounded frame and glass is for sure to channel that John Lennon, Sonny & Cher aesthetic.


From the get-go, I knew I was meant to be inspired by grunge and androgynous styles. Gwen Stefani was my girl in the ’90s and ’00s. If you’re looking for a fun style to rock this summer, try a captain’s hat with cargo pants and a slouchy crop top.

For a more polished but still budgeted look, I would highly recommend Target. Their slouchy, floppy beach hats are some of the best around and all under $20. Pair one with a tulle-filled sundress, and you will be fresh and timeless all season long.

Last, but certainly not least, the headscarf headband: Hundreds of tutorials are on YouTube and Pinterest, so you won’t have any trouble finding how to do this. Finding the right one for your hair texture and length may be a different story.

Try vintage shops or even some local boutiques that have pre-tied ones and throw it on with a messy bun, you’ll be ready for the lake in two seconds flat.


This is such a tricky accessory because sometimes too much is just right, and other times it’s tacky and dated. However, for this season and trend, what I’ve been seeing is layers, layers and more layers.

Turquoise, colors, tassels, you name it – throw it on. Mixing golds and silvers is also a go.

Just because you may not act like the girls who work in fashion publishing doesn’t mean you can’t dress like them.

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