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The Homecoming Coronation hosted acts and skits as the Homecoming King and Queen were announced


The NDSU Homecoming Show was on Oct. 10 at the Festival Concert Hall. This was where the Homecoming Coronation was held and attendees were treated to a talent show as well. 

Produced by Danica Mcdonald, Montana DeCamp and Lindsay Dow with Patrick Pochant and Callahan Stewart serving as Masters of Ceremonies, “Billy Bison Chocolate Factory” featured a wide variety of acts including musical numbers, dance numbers, comedy acts and skits.

All the skits were a parody of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The evening’s emcees transitional skits were made up of an overarching plot that progressed throughout the show. It was a satire of the midwest, college life, real-world issues and NDSU as a whole with the Wonka-esque story serving as a backdrop to it.

There was even a moment where the skits broke the fourth wall with characters saying that this scene “hasn’t been written yet” and dead characters returning after being eliminated.  

The performances included the NDSU Dance Team, the NDSU Hip Hop Team, Beatboxer Jonah Yang, Impressionist Jon B-C, Musician Asa Lo and To Be Determined Comedy.

At the end of the show, a few awards were handed out to the performers for a variety of categories.

The first award handed out was the Golden Ticket Award or the People’s Choice Award, which went to Kappa Delta/Delta Tau Delta for their skit.

The second Award was the Judges Choice Award which went to To Be Determined Comedy for their improv performance.

The last award or the “Spam Award” was given to the most enthusiastic group, which ended up being Alpha Gamma Delta/Sigma Alpha Epsilon for their skit. 

By the end of the night, Matthew Friedmann and Anna Lemm were crowned as 2019 Homecoming King and Queen.

While there was a price of admission, all proceeds went to Handi-Wheels Transportation, a small non-profit organization dedicated to providing transit to those who are otherwise unable to provide it for themselves.

Donna Horsley made an appearance representing the institution. After giving a brief summary of what the group does she told a story about the genesis of the organization.

According to Horsley, a collection of like-minded communities together, “…spearheaded a national campaign to collect and redeem Betty Crocker coupons.” The group gathered enough to purchase their first lift-equipped wheelchair accessible vehicle. From that, they grew, and throughout Fargo and West Fargo, Handi-Wheels gives about 10,000 rides a year. 

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