A Swift Departure From Spotify

BIG MACHINE RECORDS Taylor Swift's new album "1989" cannot be found on Spotify.
Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” cannot be found on Spotify.

Musical icon Taylor Swift is refusing to allow popular streaming service Spotify the rights to her newest album. Swift has also taken matters further by pulling all her previous albums that had been on Spotify as well. Both fans and Spotify are disheartened by T-Swizzle’s actions. Spotify users now have a hole in their playlists where any of Swift’s music used to be.

The motivation for Swift’s actions stems out of her belief that having her music on Spotify will harm album sales. Artists make significantly more by selling their album to consumers than they do by leasing it to streaming services. In fact, the numbers are quite staggering.

Spotify pays artists $0.007 per track play. For an artist to make approximately $1,000, one of their tracks has to receive 150,000 plays. Seems like a lot, but then you take into account that many popular artist have multi-million plays per individual track. It has a way of paying in the long run.

I think Swift’s action were a little rash. Having her tracks on Spotify may hurt the number of sales for her new album, but once someone purchases her album for roughly $12 that is all she is making. Having her music on a streaming site allows for her songs to be played over and over again by the multitude of her fans.

Spotify is a long-term investment, and it is not like an artist of Swift’s notoriety will have any difficulty finding people to listen to her music.

I am a huge fan of Spotify. I love the idea of the company and what they do. I will admit that having Spotify has kept me from pirating music. I cannot imagine I am the only one who feels this way.

I would like to believe Spotify has made a significant difference in the amount of music that gets pirated. It offers users a chance to listen to the songs they want to and for the artists to receive compensation. The said compensation may seems quite small, but something is always better than nothing.

Swift’s actions are only a disservice to her fans. She is trying to increase her profits and make a statement through her actions, but I only see them as negative.

I guarantee there are people who would not go out and buy her album in a store, but they would listen to it on repeat via Spotify. By refusing to allow her new album to be streamed, she is only taking money away from herself.

I think Taylor Swift needs to remember music is about the fans and the art. It shouldn’t be about the profit.

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