A Student Election and Comic Sans, why NDSU?

Comic Sans is the internet explorer of fonts.

If I could erase Comic Sans I would. That way it could never hurt another person ever.

Another election cycle has come and left North Dakota State. That doesn’t mean controversy over voting didn’t happen.

Look, I gave a damn. I voted. I took the necessary minute or two out of my day to vote for the next student body president and vice president.

I wasn’t greeted with pleasant images of democracy. I wasn’t met with a nice NDSU background. No, I was met by Comic Sans.

If you don’t know, Comic Sans is the grade-school-looking, lazy, cartoonish font everyone has seen at least once in an inappropriate spot.

The one spot I was hoping would be safe was the election circle. But you know what, I was incorrect.

If I was Mason, I would just not accept the win because to win through a portal that uses Comic Sans, is that really winning?

This isn’t new. No, I have complained about this for the past two years.

I don’t know who we need to go to yet or who we need to tag in a post but I will not rest until I have the ability, no the opportunity, to squash this opposition to the eyes of all NDSU students, past, present and future. It should no longer be subjected on the NDSU students that choose to participate in our community. We should no longer accept a childish portal, for we are better than this grade school excuse for a font.

Looks matter. Consider the saying dress for success or dress for the occasion. Comic Sans, has its place. For instance, as a satire font or the font for a preschool room. I don’t want the occasion of voting to be included in that list though.

Voting is important. NDSU I am not asking for much. Please change the font. I will help, want to be even more student-focused? Allow me to pick a much more appropriate sans serif font, could I suggest Helvetica?

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