A Rivalry Renewed, New Trophy Needed

With the University of North Dakota leaving the Big Sky to join the rest of the Dakota schools in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, the NDSU-UND rivalry is set to resume. It will be a while before UND will join the Valley (officially in 2020) but they are on the Bison schedule in 2019, in a non-conference game.

Naturally, rivalries need a trophy in college football. With the Nickel Trophy not making a comeback soon, it is time to look for something new.

1. The Nickel Trophy

Or is it time to look for something new? Bringing back the nickel will mean there will be no need to create history for the prize. It represents the whole of the NDSU-UND rivalry.

The only reason it won’t be coming back is because of the “heads” side of the coin. But what if the Sioux head was replaced by a hawk? A little modification, and there is the new trophy.

2. Red River Rumble

The Red River is an iconic symbol of North Dakota. It connects the two cities of the schools, and could make for an interesting design. Think a sterling silver trophy that squiggles in the way as the river looks from above. This would be a more modern take on a trophy, but it might be able to start something historic.

3. The Green Jug

Finding the inspiration for this one is easy. That lil’ brown jug that Minnesota and Michigan play for is what this one is going for. One side has NDSU green and a Bison face, the other UND green with a hawk. It might be just a bit too similar to the lil’ brown jug though.

4. Wood Chipper

The likely favorite of the Coen Brothers. Based off the movie “Fargo,” it will feature a half scale wood chipper on a wood base with a golden plaque. This will encompass the grind of a football game quite well and maybe the chippiness that could spark between these two teams.

5. The Governor’s Cup

There is no bias here, but how about we let Doug Burgum design a cup. He is the governor of this great state after all.

Besides, this will likely become the single biggest event between North Dakota schools. Is there a more meaningful event in North Dakota? Somewhere between Lord Stanley’s Cup and the Ryder Cup please, Mr. Burgum.

6. The Potato or Pancake Bowl

Did you know that the largest French fry feed in the world takes place at Potato Bowl USA in Grand Forks? Did you know the world’s largest pancake feed was hosted in Fargo?

It is stuff like this that makes for a great obscure college football trophy. Makes as much sense as Floyd of Rosedale.

Since the Hawks won’t join the Valley until 2020 that means the 2019 game doesn’t have much in terms of meaning. So, let’s add to that. Winner gets to design the trophy and be the first holders of it. Sounds fair enough.

Let the best team win.

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