A night at the movies with TBD Comedy

NDSU group performs hit skits

On March 30, the on-campus student organization To Be Determined (TBD) Comedy club, put on their annual sketch show titled “TBD Goes to the Movies” at Askanase Hall.

The sketch show featured 10 skits created by some of the members of TBD Comedy. All of the skits were unique and funny in their own way, allowing everyone in the auditorium to have a laugh.

The skits debuted were: “Chess,” “The Third Person,” “I’ve Got Nothing, I Try,” “Is Pepsi OK?,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “General Surgery,” “Duel of the Minds,” “Gary Gang,” “Sorry I’m Late” and “Movie Theatre.”

Of the 10 skits, one of my favorites was “The Third Person” written by Carter Moilanen.

The skit focuses on a young couple who are out on a date, which appears to be at an Australian themed restaurant of some kind. Then, while they are in the process of ordering their drinks, a third member of their party shows up.

His name is Stanzen, and he does not like being alone. Throughout the rest of the skit, he refers to himself in calculated first-person sentences, which were as bizarre as they were hilarious.

Another favorite of mine was the final performance of the show, “Movie Theatre.”

The skit featured all of the TBD Comedy members as they sat in a movie theater getting ready to watch “Expendables 4” (not a real thing, yet).

Some of the key moments of this skit was a kid named Sylvester, a millennial on the phone with hemorrhoids and a successful marriage proposal.

“TBD GOES TO THE MOVIES” was a good way to spend an hour. The show was a neat way to experience the creativity and humor offered by the members of TBD Comedy.

If you did not get to see the show and are interested in any of the skits mentioned, the TBD Comedy club has their own YouTube channel with video recordings of the performances.

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