A Message from Student Government | Student Organizations

Student involvement is said to improve your college experience. In student government, we feel that way.

Student involvement is important, and at North Dakota State we have many opportunities for students to get involved.

We currently have over 300 student organizations, and that number is always growing. There are student organizations related to academics, Greek life, club sports, cultural, religious organizations and many more.

This gives students many opportunities to get involved with student organizations.

“There are many opportunities for students to take on the responsibility of getting involved,” said Mikayla Young, Executive Commission of the Congress of Student Organizations. “Once students get involved, they grow as a person while discovering their strengths, passion, create friendships and become connected to our campus and community. Getting involved is vital and a step all students should take.”

Student organizations can also do more for you outside of NDSU’s campus.

There are opportunities to go to conferences with some student organizations where you can network, learn about professional development and more.

Our club sports and competitive organizations compete around the country at a variety of competitions to participate in topics they are passionate about.

Student government hosts an involvement expo at the beginning of each semester. This allows student organizations to showcase what they do and why you would be interested in being involved with that specific student organization.

If there is a student organization that you want to be part of and we do not have at NDSU, student government allows you to make new student organizations as well.

It is very simple to start an organization that you are interested in. All a student needs to do is come up with an idea and find six other students interested in joining your student organization.

Finally, speak to the Congress of Student Organization’s commission to finalize your student organization.

It is a great way to meet people that are interested in the same topics as you.

Student government is a great resource for your student group. We can help you revive a student organization, give you tips on recruiting new members and make sure that your student organization is as successful as its members want it to be.

If you have any questions about student organizations and how they can influence your college career, contact the Executive Commissioner or Assistant Executive Commissioner of the Congress of Student Organizations to get some help and guidance about joining a student organization.

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