A Dope Conversation about Pot


Pot, marijuana, guanga, kush and The Devil’s Lettuce. Some would eat it for dinner in the form of a brownie. Some still would melt the leaves away and blow torch the oil.

Some of you are high right now. Yeah, Billy. I’m talking to you right now. Put down the bong and get back to your homework (thanks John Oliver for this bit).

So pot is illegal. For any student caught with it on campus it is grounds for expulsion, and as far as the federal government is concerned it is as bad as meth and heroin.

Basically, be smart folks.

I am talking to a huge audience when I state this. According to recent Gallup poll about 1 out of 8 adults in America smoke pot (13 percent) and that study also stated that 43 percent of adults have tried it.

Basically, to find a person under the influence of marijuana at any given time do this test. Look to your right, now to your left and you’re high again Billy.

Legalization is our country’s ultimate goal. Look, a pot addiction looks a lot different than a meth addiction.

For a meth addiction, you have a broken family and you probably have no teeth. You may or may not be wearing a wife-beater and you have red sores all over your face.

A pot addiction, well, you eat Cheetos really fast.

Either way, it is illegal, but for how long can we keep up the charade that it is bad for us? How long can we pretend that pot is a gateway drug when The National Institute of on Drug Abuse claims, “These findings are consistent with the idea of marijuana as a ‘gateway drug.’ However, the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances.”

Marijuana isn’t bad, but we have been taught that it is. Still though be careful on this un official holiday.

Happy 4/20 North Dakota State. As they say, roll up and get back to work Billy.

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