A Day of Love …

FLICKR.COM|PHOTO COURTESY Valentines Day is different for the single people of the world.
Valentine’s Day is different for the single people of the world.

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love, candy and flowers.

Or so it’s said. Valentine’s Day has been a holiday that many despise for many years now.

It makes the single people sad, it breaks the hearts of the already broken-hearted and it reminds us all that no matter how hard we might try, we are going to eat the Valentine’s Day candy.

Now Valentine’s Day might not be a day for everyone, but I have chosen to see the good in the day dedicated to St. Valentine.

The story behind St. Valentine’s Day is murky but one of the legends states that St. Valentine was caught helping Christians escape Roman Prisons, then leading to his own imprisonment.

He then sent his first valentine when he fell in love with a young girl, whom, according to legend, was possibly his jailor’s daughter, and signed it “Your Valentine.”

This legend is one of my favorites because it reminds us of the good in Valentine’s Day. It reminds us of love, secrecy and lust. Valentine’s Day is something that is supposed to be shared with someone you care for, reminding them that they have a piece of your heart. Not a holiday where we should mope around over those we have lost.

It’s a day for not only for romance, but also for friendship and family. Share it with those you care for instead of spending it alone.

Buy a chocolate heart and split it with your best friend. Or eat the whole damn thing and appreciate how far you’ve made it in life. It may not seem like much, but you can appreciate the good little things instead of dreading all the sad things that have happened in your life.

So, fall in love with a day dedicated to love — because honestly, everyone could use a little more Valentine’s Day.

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