Furry Friends | Moose and Rosie

Whether an animal has been at Homeward Animal Shelter for five days or two years, each deserves a forever home that will love and care for them. Homeward has multiple available cats and dogs available, but here is a spotlight on two up for adoption now.

Moose is a silly boy. He’s even smiling in his picture.


Meet Moose, a pit bull and golden retriever mix. He is 10 months old and arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter on Nov. 24. Although he is still young and growing, he is already 75 pounds.

Moose is quite a goofy dog and looks forward to making his future owner smile for many years. He has already learned a lot of tricks from the common “sit” to an even better trick, “shake.” Moose has good manners and would be even better through some more training.

Like any dog, he loves long walks. And don’t let his big size deceive you. He is still a teddy bear and wants to cuddle.

Rosie is a sassy girl who loves her belly rubs from time to time.


Meet Rosie, a declawed domestic shorthaired white female. She is 7.5 years old and has been at Homeward Animal Shelter since March 14, 2016. She is currently in a foster home.

Rosie is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. Because she has that sassy diva side she prefers a home without any pets or children, so she is perfect for a college student looking for a pet. Plus, she likes to follow you around and be a loyal companion.

Keep in mind, she only likes to be pet once or twice and then wants her space, but will come back for more later. She enjoys running and chasing lasers, as well as jumping through tubes, so you will never be bored while watching her run through those crinkle tubes.

Rosie is quite the character, so if you need a furry roommate she’s the one for you.

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