Furry Friends | Adopting Vogue and Kettle

Owning a pet can be expensive, especially if you consider the initial costs of toys, food, litter boxes and crates, but to some the adoption fee can be the most intimidating.

When an animal at a shelter has a sponsored adoption fee, it can help all those worries go away. These two cats at Homeward Animal Shelter have their adoption fees fully sponsored by a donor, which would make adopting them much easier financially.

Vogue can go from playing to relaxing on the couch, giving the best of both worlds.


Meet Vogue, a domestic shorthaired Tuxedo female. She is 2 years old and has been at Homeward Animal Shelter since Aug. 7. Her white whiskers stand out anywhere in contrast to her smooth, black coat.

She has quite the personality, and if you want a talkative cat, she is the one for you. She’s the best of both worlds for cat personalities, having enough energy to play and being calm enough to have a nice day on the couch.

At first, she may seem skeptical of another cat, but eventually she warms up to them.

Kettle likes the quiet and other animals.


Meet Kettle, a domestic shorthaired male. He is 7.5 years old and has been at the shelter since May 2. He is quiet and enjoys relaxing rather than playing.

If you like to be loud, he is not for you because he enjoys his quiet time. Instead, he wants to be your cuddle buddy in bed and lay on your lap when you’re doing schoolwork or watching television.

He also gets along with both dogs and other cats, so if you already have a pet feel free to add him to the family.

Homeward Animal Shelter has many cats up for adoption. These two are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, house-trained and, to reiterate, their adoption fee is completely covered.

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