‘Fortnite’ to Add NFL Skins

The game we all know and love is adding yet more skins. While this should come to no surprise, it should be mentioned that these skins are of NFL football players. That’s right: “Fortnite” is teaming up with the NFL to bring us some fresh outfits.

This is a game changer. Right when the skins were getting slightly worse every time, “Fortnite” finally hits a home run. I will purchase V-bucks (in-game currency) just to acquire these skins.

The only catch here is that the skins aren’t of particular players. It looks like they will just simply be skins of NFL teams with a random number and not include a last name on the back. Maybe the NFL didn’t agree to put particular players in the game, but they definitely should have. Who wouldn’t want to see Tom Brady lurk throughout Fatal Fields? Or Clay Matthews walk across Greasy Grove? Or even better, Nathan Peterman roaming Junk Junction? Too soon for the Peterman one? My point is it would be awesome to see actual players. I would purchase everyone on the Vikings and a few other select stars. Just imagine seeing Tom Brady snipe Von Miller. Talk about a plot twist.

The game of “Fortnite” has gotten weird lately. The recent departure of semi-auto snipers, dual pistols and guided missiles is quite sad. Along with this, they added balloons, which just serve as another escape mechanism when taking fire. Ever since “Fortnitemares” (the Halloween edition) was a thing, you can deploy your glider at any point in the air, thus making it almost impossible to take fall damage. It also makes it almost impossible to die from the storm.

In addition to all of this, you now have NFL skins supposedly coming Nov. 9. The game will increase its revenue by a lot. Many more gamers are going to be purchasing V-bucks to get these skins. Well played, Fortnite, well played.

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