‘SCP – Containment Breach’ Serves Up Scares for Free

Horror video game “SCP Containment Breach” is the perfect game for the creepiest time of the year.

Halloween day is dead center in the middle of the week this year, and that means you won’t have much time to go and do the spooky things youngsters normally like to do on such days.

These include staying up late, making poor decisions and skipping class. Oh wait, that was last week. Anyway, I have an insanely scary game that will surely creep you out because it sure as hell did scare me.

Presenting “SCP Containment Breach” developed by Undertow.

The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) Foundation is a secretive and fictional (or is it?) government-run institution that harbors all manner of nightmare-inducing creatures. From our own world, other worlds and even different dimensions, they are all housed by the secretive foundation.

“SCP Containment Breach,” as the name implies, is about one of the SCP Foundation’s sites that is experiencing an electrical problem that has affected the security mechanisms in a rather unfortunate way. This malfunction in turn releases the dangerous creatures from their enclosures. The goal of the game is to simply escape the facility, but the inhabitants will not make that an easy task.

You play as a Class D personnel, a prisoner who has volunteered their services to the SCP Foundation for six months in exchange for a clean slate and freedom at the end of the sentence.

“SCP Containment Breach,” wastes no time in thrusting you into its intense heart-racing situations. In a little over a minute, you are faced with one of the most infamous of the SCP’s housed at the site.

SCP-173, known as the Sculpture, will kill you in less than the blink of an eye. Oh yeah, there is a special and creepy mechanic in the game created just so 173 can kill you — the blink meter. It slowly ticks down until you must blink, and if 173 is in the vicinity, it will kill you with a quick snap of the neck.

On top of SCP’s quick movement/teleportation, it looks kind of like Mr. Hankey from “South Park” if he was 6-feet tall and had four eyes. If SCP-173 isn’t scary enough, the other monster in the early stages of the game you will have to deal with surely is. SCP-939, known as Many Voices, is not a good boy.

SCP-939 can mimic the voices of its victims, even if it never heard them speak. While traveling down the dreary corridors of the SCP site, if you hear someone cry out for help, or say practically anything, do not believe them and go the other way.

SCP-939 looks like the most screwed up dog you can think of. It is blood red with strange bristles running down its spine. It crawls on all fours, and its back is severely sloped downward, where the hips of its hind legs are higher up than mid-point of the spine. Its face is nothing but an elongated snout with foot-long needle-like teeth stained with the blood of its previous victims. I know all dogs are supposed to be good dogs, but this dog does not make the cut.

There is a wide variety of other SCP’s to deal with in the facility, such as SCP-1048.

SCP-1048 appears to be a stuffed bear shaped from what is believed to be human ears. It may be found in some hallways and screams at the player if approached. The scream causes ears to grow all over the player and in the lungs, which results in death after a few seconds. Isn’t that pleasant?

Another SCP in the game is SCP-096. Its ability is to chase and kill you if you see its face. Nothing will stop it from accomplishing its mission.

One thing this game does completely well creating an atmosphere. While you are walking around the facility (more likely slowly moving while crouched), you hear screams, gunfire, electricity going haywire, the sound of doors opening, monstrous roars that are not of this world, etc. So, when something happens, you are as tense as a toothpick holding up a watermelon.

Graphically, the game is not too intense, but the insane abilities of the SCP’s creatures combined with the sound and feel of the environment really do make it a creepy title to play.

Awesomely enough, this game is free and only requires downloading from the SCP game website. If you have some time to spare and want to die a whole bunch of times in creative ways by strange creatures, then “SCP Containment Breach” is for you.

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