Furry Friends| Adopting Penguin, Diva and Vixen

It’s easy to simply see a cute animal online and think, “I like that one,” but when you actually meet them you get to see their personality and what they are truly like. Homeward Animal Shelter has many cats and dogs that you can meet to see which fits your personality type.

These three are available for adoption, and now is just the right time to get them for a discount.

Penguin loves to run around, only stopping for a couple pets here and there.


Meet Penguin, a deaf 8-month-old Border Collie mix. On Friday, Oct. 19, she was brought to Homeward Animal Shelter from A Cause 4 Paws in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

Like puppies and many Border Collies, she is energetic and excited to run around whenever she gets the chance and gets sad whenever she has to go back inside.

When running around, she pauses for a couple seconds until she hops in the air and pounces on the ground. She is friendly and looking for an active family that will help give her a job and get her energy out. She needs all the tummy rubs she can get and will automatically jump up to say hello and show her affection.

From now until Nov. 1, there is a special for adopting dogs, where you get $100 off the adoption fees. This is for the next 25 dogs that come into their care during the month of October. Adoption fees are usually around $169 (plus tax), so it will be around only $69 for the next 25 dogs. This price comes with up-to-date vaccinations, a microchip and spaying.

Diva and Vixen cuddle up next to each other to make sure they get adopted together.

Diva and Vixen

Meet Diva and Vixen, two female 5-month-old Dilute Torties. They were transferred from the Fargo pound to Homeward Animal Shelter around 90 days ago, and ever since they have been trying to warm up to others.

Their fur is a dark gray with some random orange splashes, which gives them character. Vixen has more orange on her face than Diva.

These two sisters are inseparable and want, if not need, to be adopted together. They enjoy cuddling up next to each other, even if it’s in their litter box.

Throughout their time at the shelter, they have become more friendly and playful. So, if they act shy or timid toward you, do not be offended. They just need their forever home so they can warm up even quicker.

Up until Nov. 1, there are specials for kittens where they are only $80 for an adoption fee. That means you would be getting two cats for around $160, when usually it is around $218 for two kittens. This not only comes with two lovable cats, but they are also up-to-date on vaccinations, house trained and spayed.

For more information about adoption, Homeward Animal Shelter or these three adorable adoptees, visit homewardonline.org.

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