Netflix: What Should I Watch?

Still waiting for them to raise the price per month.

We all have a Netflix account, so you can all relate to this. Even if you don’t have one yourself, be honest, you know someone else’s login information. My point is that everyone has access to Netflix somehow or someway.

“Prison Break” would for sure be on the list if it wasn’t taken down.

I’ve been watching quite a few shows lately that I have enjoyed. I want to share some of these shows so you all can experience them as well. “Prison Break” would for sure be on the list if it wasn’t taken down. I still don’t understand why Netflix chose to do that. Whatever. Here’s the list.

‘The Ranch’

I have rewatched this show many times, and for good reason. A very similar cast to the famous “That ’70s Show,” Ashton Kutcher stars as Colt Bennett, star high school football player whose career didn’t pan out all that well. He comes back to his family ranch to reunite with his stubborn father, buffoonish brother and wacky mother. He discovers more about himself and decides to give up football and work on the family ranch. Danny Masterson plays Rooster, Colt’s brother who has developed a love-hate relationship with him. Sam Elliott is the father, Beau. He’s an old, cold-hearted father who shows little to no love for his sons, or anything. Debra Winger plays Maggie, the mom. Her and Beau divorce, but show they still have feelings for each other throughout the show. How will Colt’s return to the Iron River Ranch turn out? You should watch this show to find out the answer and get some good laughs in. Get ready, because there are five seasons and a sixth one is planned on being released in late 2018.

‘American Vandal’

One of my friends showed me this, and I thought it was pretty entertaining. “American Vandal” is basically a suspense TV show revolved around a high school. There is a crime committed by someone, and two friends try to gather evidence to see who did it. They interview many students from the school, consider their motives, what makes them a suspect, etc. After finding out many things, they try to narrow down who the suspect could be. The crimes committed are rather bizarre, but that’s what adds comedy to this suspenseful show. It’s a show that will make you laugh and keep you interested and wanting to find out more. There are many plot twists and new evidence gathered that suggest many different outcomes. Right when you think someone is definitely the culprit, another door opens and someone else is considered “the guy.” There are only two seasons, and the second one came out a couple weeks ago. You don’t have to watch them in any particular order, as each season there is a new crime at a new school with new faces. I personally like the second one more, but they are both fun to watch.

‘Black Mirror’

I haven’t seen every episode, but the ones I have seen are pretty mind-blowing. This show consists of different scenarios and characters each episode. There is usually a future technology introduced in each episode that is used for negative reasons. There was one episode where people had optical implants. These implants could allow people to “block” other people. If someone is blocked, they are seen as a gray blur to the person that blocked them, and vice versa. You can’t communicate with them or see them, and this made people go insane. This show makes me wonder if these fictional future technologies will ever be present someday. Having watched this show, I hope they wouldn’t be, as it seems like there are more negative effects than positive ones. This show will twist your mind and make you think differently about everything. If you like stuff like that, I would suggest checking out this show.

‘Frozen Planet’

This is more of a documentary, but I’m putting it on the list anyway. It’s like a “Planet Earth” type of documentary except it’s specifically about the polar regions. I’m a huge fan of animal documentaries, so that’s why this is on the list. They talk about the animals that inhabit these kinds of areas, such as polar bears, walruses, elephant seals, wolves, caribou, arctic fox, etc. The adaptations by these animals for surviving in such a cold climate is crazy. The climate change is real up there. When I say this, I mean it can go from a huge hockey rink across the ocean to no ice at all. This can create all kinds of problems for animals, especially polar bears who depend on marine mammals for food. It’s a really well-done documentary that will increase your knowledge of animals in polar climates, as well as your understanding about climate change.

These are only a few select shows I really encourage people to watch. Here are a couple notable mentions that I didn’t add to the list but are good or funny nonetheless:

‘Big Mouth’

‘Planet Earth 2’

‘The Office’

‘The 100’

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