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It’s that time of year again. Everyone is sniffling, coughing and hacking in unison in class. When in college, people are interacting every day and contracting a new virus every time.

Growing up, getting sick was not fun, but it meant you got to stay home from school and be taken care of. Now, as a college student, if you miss one class, it could completely mess up your rhythm, especially in the beginning of the semester.

Plus, now you don’t have anyone to take care of you. You are well on your own and have to find remedies for this cold yourself. Thankfully, there are many resources, like Pinterest, to find all the ins and outs without having to go to a doctor or rely on NyQuil to get you through the night.

Although not all-encompassing, here are some of the most popular tips to create a home remedy for that persistent cold.

Honey and tea

Most know of this remedy for a sore throat, but there are many variations you can take with it. Green tea is recommended for a sore throat and a “get better faster” supplement. To add a little kick and get relief faster, add some mint cough drops to calm down that annoying cough.


For a natural cure, take a shot of one to two cloves of garlic mixed in with some water to make it less potent. This is a natural antibacterial that can help you recover from a cold faster.


Many have heard of taking a shot of ginger every day to clear your sinuses or boost your immune system before the cold even hits, so it is a popular home remedy for sickness. Putting ginger root in your tea and letting it soak before drinking can help relieve your stuffy nose within hours.


People tend to forget this when thinking of the common remedies of tea, water and vitamin C, but electrolytes can help regain that energy and boost your immune system overall. By simply getting a sports drink, you can increase your electrolytes and hydration.


This is difficult for a college student to achieve, but steam helps loosen mucus blockage so you can finally breathe without a constant runny nose. Either take a hot shower and wait in the bathroom afterward to absorb all of the steam you can, or boil water with a towel over your head to capture the steam in your face. Do not put the boiling water on too high, so you do not get overheated.

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