Fargo Foodie| Spice Up Your Ramen

Ramen noodles are an essential food for a college student because it is cheap, comes in bulk and has enough flavor and sustenance to get through to the next meal.

There are many different flavors that you can find among the isles of any grocery store, but sometimes the regular, beef, chicken, vegetable, shrimp, etc. get to be too much and a new flavor is needed to spice things up.

When living off of one type of food in college a little extra is needed to change the recipe from the day before.

  1. Hot sauce

Most college students have already started doing this, but if you have not tried it already, or are new to the eating habits of college students, adding hot sauce to the soup can give it a kick and add something more than the regular endless flavor.

  1. Green onions

These give the meal a little more of a crunch so it isn’t just all noodles and broth. Be careful on which flavor to add these to though, for some may be debatable on taste.

  1. Carrots

Most soups have carrots already, so adding thin slices of carrots to the broth would not be that different from any other soup. Carrots would give the meal more sustenance so there isn’t an overwhelming amount of broth.

  1. Chicken

This is a costly addition, but is worth the extra flavor in a cheap dish. By adding bits of chicken to the ramen you can create a chicken noodle soup flavor in case you are not a fan of the typical ramen taste.

  1. Make it a salad

When you are overeating soup every day, change it up by adding coleslaw mix to ramen noodles so you can get a salad instead of the typical broth.

  1. Hard-boiled eggs

This gives the soup more protein so you are not deprived of the nutrients you should be maintaining.

  1. Tsang Bangkok Peanut

This gives the ramen a little more spice and flavor to give it a different taste. The chicken flavor will be a better option for adding this sauce to instead of the other broth flavors.

If you do not like broth, take the noodles and cook them without the broth and add the peanut sauce, and then sprinkle the flavor on top of the noodles for a little extra taste.

  1. Rice

By adding in some simple and quick minute rice, you maintain the ramen’s cheap value and minimal cook time. It also allows for more than just the regular broth.

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