‘Total War: WARHAMMER II’ Released Sept. 28

‘WARHAMMER II’ features a new world map to move troops and armies around and four new factions, adding some drama to the gameplay.

Attention all you Total War series and strategy game fans out there: the new title to enter the Total War family tree has arrived.

As of Sept. 28, “Total War: WARHAMMER II” by Creative Assembly, was released for the new and old fans of the franchise to enjoy. This new addition to the strategy genre includes some sweet new features.

The world map that you use to move troops and armies around and upgrade cities and towns is now twice as large as the one found in the previous “Total War: WARHAMMER.” With all these new lands on the map to conquer, there are four new factions added to the roster to wage all-out war with anyone unlucky enough to get in the way.

The first of these new factions are the High Elves, the self-proclaimed rulers of the world who like to meddle in other races’ affairs and have quite the flair for magic. The second new faction is the Dark Elves, who are the High Elves’ evil twins. They were split from their kin during a civil war and now despise their High Elf past. Third (the one I’m most excited for) are the Lizardmen who are the most ancient of all the races in the game. They have more of a right to the land than their warm-blooded counterparts, and with armies of dinosaurs and scaly monsters at the ready, they can quite literally chew their enemies to bits. Lastly and most grotesquely are the Skaven. Take rats and make them humanoid and you will get the Skaven. These monstrous rats bring to the game some of the most terrifying and fascinating creatures ever to see daylight.

Along with all these new factions is a new campaign that is different from all other Total War titles to date. The enemy artificial intelligence can now beat the player to the endgame objective (wow, what a unique thing to have in a competitive game.) The end game objective is called the Vortex, and it holds an evil army and a whole bunch of magic that the races either want to stop or use to accomplish their goals. This makes the end game supposedly very interesting.

That is all that I am sure about for the time being, but if you are interested, I highly suggest looking at the game in the Steam store because it is out now and ready to be experienced.

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