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’50 Shades of Grey’ Sparks Prayer Chain

The film “50 Shades of Grey,” a movie based on an erotic romance novel, is set to be shown at North Dakota State during dead week in the Memorial Union’s Century Theater.

Campus Attraction will be hosting the film May 6, 8 and 9, but one campus organization hopes to take the show off the calendar completely.

“The movie goes against everything NDSU stands for on the issue, and I am very disappointed that it made it on the list,” Christopher Yanta, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said.

Yanta and 67 others have joined “Prayer Chain for 50 Shades of Grey” Facebook event, sponsored by Bison Catholic. Bison Catholic started the group, which asks its followers to pray for the cancellation of the showing.

“We come to you asking for your prayers to help put a stop to the showing of this film on campus,” the group posted on its Facebook homepage. ” … This movie is evil and we need to pray that it does not make to the big screen and that the campus attraction staff has a change of heart in their decision to show 50 Shades of Grey.”

Bison Catholic calls against the objectification of women and animalistic portrayal of men.

Yanta is going to the event and said he is petitioning the film because of how it degrades men and women.

“It makes women seem like they are just helpless objects to be used by men at their will,” Yanta said. “It portrays men sexually immature beings that care only about pleasing their lustful desires, not caring about the effects of their decisions or the others involved.”

The Campus Attractions programming board voted to show the film.

“When choosing movies, we look at current and previous box office hits and what is popular on the college market,” Amelia Everson, Campus Attractions Films Coordinator said in an email. “When choosing films, we look at the NDSU student body as a whole and provide entertainment to a wide variety of interests.”

Everson reiterated the opinion is of Campus Attractions and does not reflect the group’s individual thoughts.

Campus Attractions has played multiple R-rated films in the past.

“NDSU is a diverse campus … we look at the interests of students as a whole,” Campus Attractions said. “Campus Attractions intends on showing the film.”

The prayer chain is asking that people pray an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be throughout the upcoming days until the event happens to try and stop the event from showing on NDSU’s campus.

“Certain movies may not be of interest to an individual or to a group of students, but not every movie we play is going to be interesting to or appreciated by everyone,” Campus Attractions said. “It is optional and each week provides something new.”

Saint Cloud State recently planned to show “50 Shades,” but officials decided against showing it after a similar prayer chain was started.

Bison Catholic and the prayer chain group at NDSU hopes they can do the same.

Yanta said the film pressures students.

“NDSU wants to show this movie to their students, many of which are at crucial stages in their life, some going (through) relationships of their own, others trying to understand themselves and their sexuality,” Yanta said, “and on top of all that many students have the idea and get pressured and intimidated that sex is just part of a college student’s life.”

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