Trump Supporters Panic Over #Repealthe19th

Crippling news outside of Washington DC today for Trump supporters as the 19th Amendment is facing a future of uncertainty.

The 19th Amendment, for those who may not know, gave the right to vote to racist, sexist uneducated individuals. These individuals fall under the umbrella of “uneducated voters.” Surprisingly, a large amount of Trump supporters unknowingly fall into this category.

Just last week President Obama spoke about the future of this controversial topic on the steps of the US capital, “My fellow Americans. I think it is high time we repeal the 19th Amendment.”

President Obama who was cheering on the Bison during the Dakota Marker game gave The Spectrum this exclusive feedback. “The Donald and I, we don’t really get along all the time. In fact The Donald and I are currently not seeing eye to eye. My administration bringing up legislation to block uneducated voters from voting. It has really upset him. You see he really wants my room after the move.”

NDSU students are also upset. “I just think it is ridiculous that we allow everyone to vote.” Billy Bison of NDSU was quoted after coming out of support of the #Repealthe19th movement. “The right to vote for everyone is just so outdated. You should at least be a little informed.”

“Uneducated voters belong on Facebook. There they can post about Obama being a Muslim. If they think that matters, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” Billy Bison later commented, “Go Bison.”

Trump, who was up at The University of North Dakota campaigning to the most uneducated university in North Dakota had this to say.

“Is my voting group uneducated. Maybe? I don’t know. All I care about is winning. We cannot let this distract us from the actual issues. Hillary Clinton is a member of ISIS, and Obama was born on Mars.”

Trump later went on to say he was cheering for South Dakota State during last weekends game.

All of this controversy comes after an old video of Trump talking on a bus with Billy Bush surfaced. In this video Trump was telling Billy Bush how sexist he was.

“I just don’t know how any educated person could still vote for this guy.” Haley Herd commented to The Spectrum. “Personally I am all aboard the #Repealthe19th bandwagon.”

The Obama Administration has not given an exact timetable for the Amendment. They see a lot of paper work to be done. They are also expecting some push back in Congress.

“We are planning on getting this done before the election process starts,” said Joe Biden, who himself is an NDSU alumni caught up with The Spectrum at the Bookstore. “We just can’t allow everyone to vote. We have to ‘Make America Great Again’ by forbidding dumb people from voting for Trump.”


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